Wednesday, February 10, 2010

She Sells Shiso Down By The Seashore

Last weekend I was introduced to the Shiso leaf. We had make-your-own tuna spring rolls. A great sushi grade tuna salad that we rolled into spring rolls using rice paper. We added rice noodles, avocado and Shiso leaves. A little bit goes a long way. The web info compares it to mint and basil though the taste has a distinct flavor that is not either mint or basil. Tonight, when I was having my traditional Wednesday night sushi, I realized that my spicy tuna appetizer was garnished with Shiso leaves. I've always ignored the leaves as decoration but tonight I added small bites to my tuna and it made the already yummy dish even yummier. Now I'm on a mission to use shiso at home. I think tuna salad for sure. Tomato soup. Pasta dishes. Shiso, here I come.