Saturday, January 15, 2011

I went to Trader Joe's this afternoon to pick up a few items.   After I made my selections, I proceeded to the 15 or fewer line where I was the only customer.  I placed my things on the counter and handed the checker my 'I used to be a plastic bottle' bag.  He rang up one item, put it in my bag and stated the price.  I looked at him quizzically, pointing to my other items.  "Oh, are those yours too?" I looked around to see who else could be paying for them and I nodded.  He rang up more items, placing them in my bag.  I ran my credit card and checked the appropriate boxes. The clerk handed me my receipt and bag and, as I turned to leave, he said, "Oh, is this pasta yours too?"  I refrained from saying, "No, I'm psychic and I put it there for the next customer - I sense they'll need it."  Instead, I just nodded and got my wallet out. He rang up my last item and I paid and left.  I think I'm done shopping today.