Monday, January 28, 2008

You Are Glue

Oh, please stop the name calling: "At campaign stops in Florida, meanwhile, Romney and McCain accused each other of being liberals and touted their own leadership qualities."

It makes me laugh that being "liberal" is considered a negative by those who will remain Republican nameless. I, for one, am proud of my liberal ideology.

P.S. For Tish this would be titled "Your Glue"

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Show Me The Money

The government wants to give you money if you make up to 75K a year. Processing those checks is going to cost us a bundle and it makes me cringe to think about it. It would be so much better to apply the money to next year's taxes. No muss, no fuss. But the government thinks you're going to run out and kick start the economy by buying a bunch of "stuff". So keep an eye on your mailbox! And start thinking about new stuff to buy.

The government also wants to send an additional $300 for each child in the qualifying families. I'd only allow the rebate for two children per family. If someone wants to have more than two, I think the rest of us shouldn't have to subsidize that choice. But that's another post for another day.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Check and Mate

RIP Bobby Fischer. I'm not a chess player, but I used to watch my dad and brother play chess. I think mostly I annoyed them because ever time one of them lost a piece, I'd ask 'who's winning' and my dad, sometimes more patiently than other times, would tell me it wasn't clear yet who was winning. Then I'd watch and ask some more. My dad made a few attempts to teach me the game but I have the attention of a gnat when it comes to games so he wasn't successful. I think he wished Bobby was his kid instead of me.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Revisionist History

I'm too lazy to track down articles to prove my point and maybe I'm just living in some other world but here is my take on the primaries so far.

Clinton has been touted as the front runner since 2004. Obama pondered entering the race but everyone said it was too soon. Then he decided now or never and campaigning commenced. We finally get to Iowa and, OMG!, Obama wins. Who knew? But everyone said Clinton will probably still take New Hampshire. Suddenly on Monday the pollsters decided Obama was ahead of Clinton by 9 points. 9 points! Poor Hillary. If she doesn't take NH, her campaign is over. There are rumors of her campaign team fighting and falling apart. Here in Nevada, they were saying Rory Reid (son of Dem leader Harry) made a bad decision when he backed Clinton.

Then last night Clinton narrowly beats Obama. OMG! She's back! Her campaign is saved. She has another chance. Obama shouldn't have been so sure he would win. The news is all about her comeback.

The way I see it, Clinton was the front runner and Obama beat her in Iowa and came in close second in NH. Barrack has done better than originally projected and Hillary has done worse. No one can really know which one will win.

The Republican story is a little different. In our office, one stalwart Republican said "When I look at the Republican field I want to get down on one knee, put my head in my hands and weep." I never thought I'd say it, but even I miss Barry Goldwater. And I can only hope Huckabee gets the nomination because if he does, Bush might as well just lock the door and hand the White House keys to the Dems. Otherwise, should Huckabee win, I should just lock my door and hand the keys to some homeless person and move to Europe or one of the coasts where I'll still be buffered by my liberal, Marxist friends.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Letters Sent

I love the Letters Never Sent album and it reminds me of letters which have been sent so I'm going to sift through my boxes of letters I've saved and share them with you.

To start, I'm going WAY back in the past to a letter sent by my great-great-great aunt, Margaret Bunyan, to my great-great grandfather, William Bunyan, while she was away at college in 1844. This was sent from Granville, Ohio where Margaret was a student at Denison. The handwriting was hard to read and so there are some dots to indicate where I couldn't make out the words.

Granville Dec 6th 1844

Dear Brother

It was not because I did not want to hear from home that I have delayed writing for so long but because I had nothing to write and thought it might be that I would hear from home first. but have waited so long that I have given up all hopes of that and think I will try and scribble down something rather it will pass for a letter or not.

After you left I set in the parlour until nearly night when they fixed up the room west of the one you set my trunk in (they thought I would like it better than a corner room) and then I went up there and stayed all night with no companry but a severe headache. in the morning Mary Stanton Davis niece came and made a ... for me She is a very fine girl I soon got quite well aquainted with her

At five oclock every morning they ring a bell to awaken us and then come and light a candle in about an hour after there is another bell rings for breakfast and then another at seven for study and at eight for school and so on every half hour all day for recitations school is let out at five in the afternoon And then we with the teachers generaly go out a walking we some times go out before daylight and walk a mile or two dont you think it is fun for us to be runing over the Granville hills so early in the morning if you do I dont. About eatable for breakfast we have toast pancakes or potatoe but no any meat (I wish they did) then for dinner we have meat. (Generaly chickens) potatoes pudding and so on and for supper bread butter and cheese O yes and cake most forgot.

I roomed alone for three weeks and then one of the young ladys moved in with me she was very anxious to come and as it would save some work as well as mony I thought I had better take her. There is twenty two schollars in school now and two teachers one of which I should think was very good. I believe I told you in that catalogue I sent what studys I had taken I think I might as well have one more as not but dont know what to take perhaps Father or you can tell what it had better be.

I went with the rest of the fold to church once but have went to the Methodist the rest of the time the society is not very large I believe but we have there sermons a day I would about as leave hear Snider is one the the ministers we have but the other is much better - The baptist Minister is considered the best minister in the village I have been there some times in the evening to hear him shout I quite for to night I must be allmost 11 oclock for I did not commense til after 10 I will quite by biding you all Good Night

Saturday 7th. How I would like to be at home this morning and see you all going about your work Martha Ann scrubbing Mary scouring and little George what is he doing tumbling about on the floor I guess. When have you heard from David and the rest of the Illinois folks have you heard from George lately when you write to him tell him to direct his next to Granveille. Tell Martha Alice Jane David and yourself the same how is Fathers health how does he appear to enjoy himself has Bishop got a school this winter and tell all that has been d... at home since I left.. I wish you would send papers or something often write on the wrapping with milk You see I have not got my paper near filled but don't think of any thing else to write at .. I hope you will write soon immediately and be sure to write one of your full letters.

Give my respects to all friends.

from you sister Margaret.

P.S. please excuse the akward way in which this is got up and also the spelling.