Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Revisionist History

I'm too lazy to track down articles to prove my point and maybe I'm just living in some other world but here is my take on the primaries so far.

Clinton has been touted as the front runner since 2004. Obama pondered entering the race but everyone said it was too soon. Then he decided now or never and campaigning commenced. We finally get to Iowa and, OMG!, Obama wins. Who knew? But everyone said Clinton will probably still take New Hampshire. Suddenly on Monday the pollsters decided Obama was ahead of Clinton by 9 points. 9 points! Poor Hillary. If she doesn't take NH, her campaign is over. There are rumors of her campaign team fighting and falling apart. Here in Nevada, they were saying Rory Reid (son of Dem leader Harry) made a bad decision when he backed Clinton.

Then last night Clinton narrowly beats Obama. OMG! She's back! Her campaign is saved. She has another chance. Obama shouldn't have been so sure he would win. The news is all about her comeback.

The way I see it, Clinton was the front runner and Obama beat her in Iowa and came in close second in NH. Barrack has done better than originally projected and Hillary has done worse. No one can really know which one will win.

The Republican story is a little different. In our office, one stalwart Republican said "When I look at the Republican field I want to get down on one knee, put my head in my hands and weep." I never thought I'd say it, but even I miss Barry Goldwater. And I can only hope Huckabee gets the nomination because if he does, Bush might as well just lock the door and hand the White House keys to the Dems. Otherwise, should Huckabee win, I should just lock my door and hand the keys to some homeless person and move to Europe or one of the coasts where I'll still be buffered by my liberal, Marxist friends.


Anonymous said...

We learned three things about Obana:
1) He is a great orator.
2) He hires good speechwriters (He has 3 fulltime).
3) He doesn't cry when his feelings are hurt.

These are all good qualities in a president, but not necessarily the most important.


Anonymous said...

I agree with that, Dad. The same can be said about others in the race. Huckabee is a good orator, a personable guy, but that's not enough. Giuliani was the chief executive of the largest city of the country and got many good things accomplished. But that's not enough because he lacks character and a reasonable foreign policy agenda. Clinton got emotional and displayed some real feeling about wanting to work for this country. I think that's a good thing, but not the most important thing either. McCain is brave and survived a horrible war experience, but that's not enough. He does, however have a more extensive resume to run on than anyone else. But that is a bad thing (tongue in cheek) because he's an "insider" (that means he has relevant experience).
and so on