Monday, September 13, 2010

Semi Homemade

Sandra Lee has nothing on me.

Tonight, with the help of Trader Joe's, I made fettuccine with mushrooms  I brought a package of sliced crimini mushrooms, a package of frozen TJ's fettuccine and mushrooms, a bottle of Santa Barbara Landing Chardonnay and a package of frozen peas.

I sauteed about 1/2 of the mushrooms in  2 tablespoons of olive oil. Per Julia's instructions, I gave those mushrooms plenty of room and I lightly salted them. When they had caramelized nicely, I poured in 3/4 cup of the wine (deglazing) and then let that reduce until almost no liquid was left.  I tossed in the package of TJ's fettuccine and 1/2 C of peas. I stirred occasionally while the frozen food thawed.  Then I tossed in another 1/2 C of the wine and let it simmer until the sauce thickened.  You might ask why I add mushrooms to fettuccine that already has mushrooms.  The answer is that TJ's doesn't add enough mushrooms and my mushrooms that are all caramelized and sauteed in wine, taste better.  But the TJ package has a nice mushroomy sauce.

I ate about 1/3 of the results for dinner, along with a glass of the chilled wine.  The rest is now in the fridge for tomorrow.

Easy, breezy, cooking, girl.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Extra Neat

Those of you who have had occasion to see my office or my house would probably not categorize me as extra neat.but that is definitely my position on toothpaste.  I hate toothpaste tubes that get all twisted when people squeeze them in the middle.  They also get gunky around the opening and they don't sit neatly on the counter.  I tried Mentadent Toothpaste with its special push up container and that satisfied me for awhile.  But, sometimes, one side shot out more toothpaste than the other (whitening and minty blue) and other times the openings got clogged and I had to battle with the container. I tried some other squeeze bottles but they had to stand upside down or it was hard to get the toothpaste out in the morning.  Invariable, they would fall down and I'd struggle with them. The also got gunky around the openings.

But  I've found the Neat Squeeze and  I'm a happy brusher.  The bottle stands nicely on my counter and it just takes a single squeeze to get toothpaste.   And the opening is never gunky!  My search is over.

Now I can concentrate on my search for the perfect deodorant.  It has to be clear so it doesn't leave white marks when I pull clothes on over my head.  It can not have any fragrance.  Not baby power, ocean fresh, spring rain or forest breeze.  It can't be spray or roll on because I hate flapping my arms like a chicken to dry them off before I finish dressing.  I've found a few glide ons that work but I'm not in love with them.  So I'll continue searching.

Didn't know I was so picky did you?.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hobo Already?

Already with the gap between posts!

I really was being a hobo, just hanging down by the beach in San Diego.  We had a great, wonderful time, Deb and I and her friend Char.  I truly hated having to come back.  If my pretty Diva could have stay with us, it would have been the perfect life.

Now I'm back home, back and work.  The good part is Diva is back too and SO happy to be home.  She follows me everywhere and has to sit by me.  She also talks a lot, I think telling me all the indignities at the vet where she stayed.  I know they are very kind to her but Diva thinks it is horrible.

I've settled back into my routine and promise to post more often.  I know you are just waiting to hear my observations on life.  :)