Sunday, September 12, 2010

Extra Neat

Those of you who have had occasion to see my office or my house would probably not categorize me as extra neat.but that is definitely my position on toothpaste.  I hate toothpaste tubes that get all twisted when people squeeze them in the middle.  They also get gunky around the opening and they don't sit neatly on the counter.  I tried Mentadent Toothpaste with its special push up container and that satisfied me for awhile.  But, sometimes, one side shot out more toothpaste than the other (whitening and minty blue) and other times the openings got clogged and I had to battle with the container. I tried some other squeeze bottles but they had to stand upside down or it was hard to get the toothpaste out in the morning.  Invariable, they would fall down and I'd struggle with them. The also got gunky around the openings.

But  I've found the Neat Squeeze and  I'm a happy brusher.  The bottle stands nicely on my counter and it just takes a single squeeze to get toothpaste.   And the opening is never gunky!  My search is over.

Now I can concentrate on my search for the perfect deodorant.  It has to be clear so it doesn't leave white marks when I pull clothes on over my head.  It can not have any fragrance.  Not baby power, ocean fresh, spring rain or forest breeze.  It can't be spray or roll on because I hate flapping my arms like a chicken to dry them off before I finish dressing.  I've found a few glide ons that work but I'm not in love with them.  So I'll continue searching.

Didn't know I was so picky did you?.


Cali said...

I'm all for Lady Speed except I actually like the scents. If I find one that doesn't have a scent I'll let you know. :)

Susan said...

Thanks, I'll look for it too.

Jenny said...

I hate gunky toothpaste tops. That is just plain gross.

Allie said...

I am a neat toothpaste lover too, but I am way to cheap to spend over eight dollars on toothpaste! Can't help you with the deodorant though. One trick that I think Seventeen magazine taught me is that if you fold about 5 inches of your shirt all the way around (kind of like if you were cuffing a sleeve) and then pull it over your head any white marks end up on the inside of your shirt. I haven't had deodorant marks since I started using that!