Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hobo Already?

Already with the gap between posts!

I really was being a hobo, just hanging down by the beach in San Diego.  We had a great, wonderful time, Deb and I and her friend Char.  I truly hated having to come back.  If my pretty Diva could have stay with us, it would have been the perfect life.

Now I'm back home, back and work.  The good part is Diva is back too and SO happy to be home.  She follows me everywhere and has to sit by me.  She also talks a lot, I think telling me all the indignities at the vet where she stayed.  I know they are very kind to her but Diva thinks it is horrible.

I've settled back into my routine and promise to post more often.  I know you are just waiting to hear my observations on life.  :)

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Jenny said...

I have been hobo because the last couple of weeks have been emotionally draining. I have, however, signed up for a watercolor class that begins in two weeks, so hopefully I'll have lots of stuff to blog!