Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays

I'm getting ready to spend 4 days with my favorite daughter (but, Mom, I'm your only daughter) and most of our planning is around food. We know we'll eat out once or twice and sushi will be one of those meals. We also want to make some food at home.

Leading the list right now is this FANCY MACARONI or some version of it using my SIL's Mac&Cheese recipe. Also, as suggested by my brother, some grilled pizza. We'll definitely be roasting vegetables and my daughter makes a mean frittata. There will probably be home made sushi. And I made this delicious tofu the other day - the sauce is amazing and would go well with salmon or shrimp.

We will also be watching movies. I have Before the Devil Knows You're Dead arriving in the mail any day and I'll be renting The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard. Any other suggestions?

And what would the holiday be without a wine tasting (and buying) trip to some of my favorite wineries?

If I don't post again before the holidays, have a miraculous festival of your choice and a glorious new year.

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