Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bye, Bye, Bloggie

I think I'm officially done with this blog. On one hand, it seems sad, but, on the other hand, seeing that I haven't posted anything in two months, it must be time. Facebook has become my way of communicating with the world. Of course, on Facebook you have to be my 'friend' to see what I'm posting. If you aren't my 'friend' and you do want to know what's happening in my life just send a request.

Without a blog, I certainly won't be discovered as the next Dooce, but that wasn't really my goal. I just like putting my thoughts out there to the world and it's nice to get feedback, which I can get from Facebook. Twitter is more open to the world but I haven't quite gotten the hang of the 140 character post, yet. I do have a Twitter account too and if you want to 'follow' me, I'm SueBeeLV. But don't expect too much since I only tweet about once a month.

If you look over to the left column, you'll see the list of blogs I regularly read. Several of those have been dormant for some time now. And, with the exception of one, those people have become my 'friends' on Facebook so I still know what's going on in their lives. Maybe I'm just a statistic on the Internet and blogs are dying out.

I'm going to keep the blog open and, if I have feel the urge to wax poetic I'll post something. And, I'll make sure to link to it from Facebook.

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Jose M. Blanco said...

You write well. If it weren't for blogs and the somewhat mindless clicking of links, I wouldn't have found what you wrote, and it's worthwhile. Facebook is too transient, too shallow. Blogs allow more depth of expression. Facebook is made up of short snippets and images. I hope you keep blogging.