Monday, January 6, 2014

Eggs in Clouds

 I made this Eggs in Clouds recipe I found over on Pinterest.  They were easy to make.  Just separate the eggs, whip the whites until stiff and fold in some cheese, chives and bacon.  I didn't have chives so I used some green onion.  Make mounds on parchment paper and put a dip in the middle.  Cook them about 3 minutes and then add the yolks before cooking them another 3 minutes.

They were pretty tasty, though they weren't exactly what I expected.  With the whipped egg white I expected a little more meringue texture but in reality it was more like an egg white omelet with a runny yolk.  Which I enjoyed more than a regular fried egg over easy.  The yolk is the best part.  But I missed the crispy.  I suppose I should have taken a clue from the name of the recipe: clouds aren't so crispy.  So I think next time I'll add a piece of toast or maybe an English muffin to up the crunch factor.

 The recipe calls for separating the eggs and putting each yolk in its own bowl.  But that seemed kind of wasteful to me so I just kept the yolks in the half shell until I need them.  I also think I used a little too much onion this time.  And while I enjoyed the Parmesan cheese the recipe calls for, I think I might like cheddar better - or in addition.  I'm not sure how well cheddar will fold into the whites so if it doesn't work out, I'll probably put the cheese on the toast.

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