Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Oh, When the Giants Come to Town

When I was a young Southern California girl in high school, I was dating a college guy from Northern California.  He would go home every summer and, in those days, no one made long distance phone calls unless there was a special occasion or an emergency.  And so we wrote letters.  I think we often wrote daily.  And I saved many of those letters because I'm a saver.

At some point, on the back of an envelope, he wrote, "Mailman, Mailman/Do your duty/Take this letter/To my California cutie."  I think that was copied from a popular song. But it started our envelope meme.  From then on, many letters, back and forth, had Mailman, Mailman sayings.  He was a huge Giant fan and I was raised a true, blue Dodger fan.  Consequently many of our little ditties related to the Dodgers or Giants.

So today I share with you some of his baseball envelope writings.  If you don't follow baseball and/or you aren't as old (or easily amused) as I am, you may not find them as fun as I still do.  Sadly my own creative endeavors are lost to eternity and so can't be included here.

Mailman, Mailman / "Ah swhar" I'm not in heaven, / And "Dat Da Ting" the Giants / Aren't ahead by seven

Mailman, Mailman / Vida has gained instant fame / And more than that / He won the all star game!

Mailman, Mailman / Don't be a goon / Dispel this nonsense / About a "June Swoon"

Mailman, Mailman / The Giants aren't made of taffy / (Even though their lead has / Sunk to five-and-a-halfy.)

Mailman, Mailman /  Vida's throwin' tonight / "Dat da ting - / Dat's not a welcome sight

Mailman, Mailman / Sue's so light, she's an airy gal / It's because she spends all her time / Hating Juan Derful  (he noted he couldn't bring himself to actually write the true rhyme)

Mailman, Mailman / I think it's neato / That Leferver and Wells / Are not as good as Speier and Tito

Mailman, Mailnam / He'll knock you off your feets / Good catcher, better hitter and he's named / Dick Dietz

Mailman, Mailman / Well you take this to Sue maybe? / And tell her when the Giants come to town / It's Bye Bye Baby


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