Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Big Wynn

I had this whole post written and then my computer lost it! How annoying. The bottom line is, remember how I got a Wynn players card last December? Well the Wynn encourages me to gamble by putting money on my card each week. I can't have the cash, I have to gamble the credit. I can keep the winnings. They've been putting money on my card each week. Initially it was $10 a week and I was using it for my weekend gambling trips. This month, they upped the offer to $25 but limited me to using it between Monday and Thursday. Brian gave me the great idea of going in on a weekday morning before work. That means I leave for work 1/2 hour early, stop at the Wynn, use the credit and then go to work. It works out because there is no traffic and the casino is practically empty. I can park, run in, pull the megabucks 8 times, cash my winnings and go to work. BAM!

I'm using my credit on the Megabucks each week. So far I've won $450. I have 2 more weeks of play. I'll let you know if I win the Megabucks.

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