Monday, April 21, 2008

Let's Make A Deal

Ever since verbatim told us about this book, I've wanted to buy it. This weekend I went to Border's with my Rewards card to do just that. Because I have a Rewards card, Borders sends me coupons just about every week. I looked in my mail and there was a 20% off coupon.

And then I remembered that I also had reward dollars from a survey program I joined sometime back. I haven't been very diligent about answering all the surveys but I have banked some credits. It occurred to me that one way of getting the payment was to have the credits put on a Border's Rewards card. I went to my account to check it out and learned I could put $15 on my card.

Then I headed to my local Border's with my card and my coupon. I found the book and went to check out. I explained to the cashier that I'd never used the card dollars but they were supposed to just show on my card so, if the credit wasn't there, I'd use my coupon. She looked up my Rewards number and, sure enough, the credit was there. So I started to take back my coupon and then decided to just ask if they would give me both credits. She said she didn't think so but she'd try. When she swiped the coupon, I got the 20% off the book and then the $15 was applied. So I got the $28* book for $8!

That's my best deal from this month. Oh, except for the $450 I won at the Wynn. But that's another story.

* Yes, online it is only $19 but I couldn't use my credits and would have had to pay shipping. So I'll grant you that my saving might be closer to $15.

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