Monday, August 23, 2010

Customer Service Matters

Debra and I headed out the door to breakfast early this morning, thinking we'd eat here .  We arrived right at opening time and the only person present was wiping down tables and arranging chairs.  Deb asked if the restaurant was open and was told it would open in about 5 minutes.  We continued walking and went down to the promenade.  I remembered the little corner place by the pier, Kono's Cafe, that I'd eaten at before, so we continued down in that direction..  They were open and there was a quick moving line. We ordered two breakfast burritos and coffee. My burrito had eggs, cheese, bacon and potatoes.  Deb's was the same with green chiles.  The burritos were huge!  And delicious too.  We sat out on the deck watching the waves, drinking our coffee and trying to make a dent in the burritos.  We each only able to eat half of the yummy goodness and so we wrapped the rest up to take home.

As Deb pointed out, the guy at the first place should have said "I'm just setting up but come on in and I'll get you some coffee."  Then we would have eaten at his place instead of Kono's.  Now, as it is, we're planning another visit to the corner cafe again soon because the home fried potatoes with onions and cheese looked fabulous and we want to try them.

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JohnnyB said...

Sounds fantastic
I am fantasizing myself there