Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In Which Sue and Debra Have a Grand Adventure

We're having so much fun, it's hard to find time to post. 

Monday was the Dave Matthews concert at the Hollywood Bowl.  We drove up early and met BFD at the parking lot near the bowl and had a pic-a-nic under a tree nearby. We had wine, sushi, crackers with brie and humus, and orzo salad  We chatted with Debbie until the gates were open.  The parking people even gave BFD a refund when she left - thanks parking guy.

The concert was awesome in our center box seats.  We bought some wine and enjoyed the late afternoon in the shade of the hills while we waited for Dave.  Did you know there isn't a moat at the Bowl anymore?  In 1964,  I saw girls try to get through that moat to the stage to touch The Beatles.  In 1967, I saw Jimi Hendrix jump into that moat and sing.  Now there are chairs where the moat should be.  Bye moat.

Before we saw Dave we saw Raphael Saadiq, very old school, James Brown style of music. That got everyone rev'd up for Dave and then we pretty much rocked the rest of the night. The weather was great, the music was even greater and, of course the company was fantastic. You can see the set list and you can pretend you were there with us. Thanks Dave.

Thank goodness our car was parked at the top of the stack in the stacked parking so we could just hop in and drive.  Good thing too since L.A. decided to shut down the I-5 about an hour out of town and so we had to detour and got a tiny bit confused.  Debra's phone with the nice lady who gives directions had run out of power so that was not an option. Luckily my Blackberry has Google maps and so we were able to get back on track.  Thanks Google.  No thanks to L.A. road planners.  Next time use those road signs, please.

Yesterday we were pretty darn lazy.  We sat around drinking coffee and watching the ocean until we left to scavenge for food.  We went to Whole Foods and a great Japanese store, Mitsuwa, for staples and for yummy lunches.  When we got home we (by we, I mean Debra) made delicious sushi rolls.  Crab and tobiko and salmon and tobiko, both dressed up with radish sprouts, cucumber and avocado.  Then some tobiko and quail egg for dessert.  We have plenty left over for more today.  Thanks Deb.  Thanks Mitsuwa.

Last night we had dinner at Old Town and the Old Town Mexican Cafe.  Little did we know it was Taco Tuesday.  $2 Marguaritas and tacos. For appetizer we had Queso with onions and peppers and the great hand made corn tortillas the place is famous for.  I ordered 2 fish tacos and Deb had 1 fish and 1 carnitas.  It was way too much food so we packed it up to go.  It will be lunch or snacks another day.  We stopped at the Old Town ice cream store on the way home to pick up salt water taffy.  Yum.  Thanks Old Town.

We will continue our adventure today.  I'm predicting a lot of beach time.

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Jenny said...

Sounds like so much fun! I was excited about the Old Town place, until I realized you meant Old Town San Diego, not Old Town Pasadena. :( Oh well -- you are giving me lots of ideas next time I go to SD!