Saturday, August 13, 2011

Grilled Pizza with Ricotta and Roasted Tomatoes

Tonight's dinner was almost exclusively Trader Joe's ingredients.  Yesterday I made some Ricotta cheese using TJ's heavy cream, buttermilk and milk.  I used this recipe which was quite easy and made tasty cheese.  Today I roasted a package of mixed medley cherry tomatoes (spray with olive oil and roast at 350 for 30 minutes).  I sauteed a nice size shallot in some olive oil and butter. My only non TJ item was a nice purple garlic clove from the garlic guy in Los Olivos.  I crushed the garlic and added it to 1/4 cup olive oil (TJ's).   I bought TJ's wheat and herb garlic pizza doughs.  I used equal parts of the two doughs to make my pizza crust.   I brushed the dough with garlic olive oil and placed it oil side down on the grill.  After 3-5 minutes when the bottom had some nice grill marks, I flipped it.  Brushed the top with garlic olive oil and then topped it with the cheese, roasted tomatoes and shallots. I grilled it for another 8 minutes. (Note: I like things well browned).   I sprinkled on some grated Pecorino Romano and then served my pizza with yummy Stolpman Sangiovese.  The wine was not from TJ's but I'm sure you could find a nice one there too.

If I were to change anything I might add a little more salt to my Ricotta or sprinkle some salt over the cheese on  the pizza.  But otherwise, YUMMMMM!

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