Friday, September 9, 2011

Wandering The Net

I found a link I want to share with you and this is how I found it:  I was catching up on facebook and saw a post from Randy Cohen, who used to be The Ethicist at NYTimes, about Dave Eggers, author of A Heartbreaking Story of Staggering Genius.  I thought to myself that I'd heard of the book but never read it so I went over to Goodreads to put in on my to-read list (while you're over there reading about it, you can join and share your reading list with me).

On Goodreads, I visited the bio of Dave Eggers, saw his website link and realized he was the founder of McSweeney's, an internet site that I used to visit a lot.  I either got tired of it or just forgot about it but today I back for a visit.  I clicked over to the Tendency page and browsed.  There I found this note about Comic Sans that made me laugh.  And now I'm telling you about it.

Maybe you'll read the article and then see some other articles and share them with friends.  Or maybe you'll never get to the funny letter because you'll wander off from one of the previous links.  If you find something good, be sure to share.

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Jenny said...

That Comic Sans article is HILARIOUS!