Friday, April 5, 2013

Wine and a Movie

Today I set off to experience the new Galaxy Theatres, Green Valley.  I had high expectations because I want the theater to help revitalize our community. The strip mall the theater occupies used to be a wonderfully active area with several  good places to eat and shop. Then came the recession and, one by one, places closed.  Now I'm hopeful again.

First, the theater. It was almost everything I could hope for:

1. I love, love, love the seating.  Wide aisles with recliners that you can adjust from sitting straight up to lying almost flat and anywhere in between.  I had my feet almost straight out and people could still easily go by me.

2. I love the big screen.  I know, no big deal BUT, I'd pretty much given up going to the movies for several reasons and I've missed the big screen. So now I can go back.

3. I loved having a glass of wine at the movies. Not great, great wine, but nice enough and I liked it. Beer drinkers have more variety. And bigger glasses.

4. I loved being able to pick my seat before going into the theater.

5. I do wish there were more food options. I broke down and had a chili cheese dog. Not just any chili cheese dog- a jalapeño cheese brat chili cheese dog. It was delicious but I am not a big meat eater. So I  hope they come up with some other ideas.

Next, the movie. Oz The Great and Powerful. It was almost everything I could hope for.

1. I loved the big screen. See above.

2. I loved the spectacle.

3. I loved the animation.

4. I love the many nods to the original, especially the switch from black and white to color when Oz reached Oz.

5. I loved team Oz. Everybody.  Little extra for the monkey.

6.  Loved the witches.

7. I loved the con man wizard. 

8. I am torn about wanting a sequel. Would love to see what they come up with but don't know that they should mess with the original.

9. Yes, I loved the con man Oz but couldn't help wishing it had been played by Johnny Depp.

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JohnnyB said...

I am sure the people in the theater appreciated that you picked your seat before going in but not sure why you wanted to tell us about your personal itchiness.