Saturday, June 28, 2014

The One About Best Friends

A few months back,  I learned that my mom's best friend had died and I posted about their life long friendship.  Yesterday I heard from my dad that his best friend Dave Burnham recently died.

I only met my mom's friend Helen a few times so didn't know her well and I never met my dad's friend Dave.  My dad mentioned Dave fairly often and therefore I know they attended high school at Loomis together, sailed together and kept in touch with each other over the past 70 some years.  I know that my dad was delighted to get to visit with Dave when they went to a Loomis reunion a few years back.  I wish I had met Dave.  He sounds like a terrific guy.

I am happy each of my parents had a long term, close friend.  That person who has known you almost your entire life and who loves you through all the ups and downs.  Someone you stay in touch no matter how far apart you might live.  Someone who knew your parents and watched you grow and change over the years.  They saw you fall in (and out) of love.  They watch as you get jobs, change jobs and retire from having jobs.  That person you can call when you just need someone to listen to you.  The person who can call you any hour, day or night, and you'll listen too.  The person who will rejoice or commiserate with you.  Someone you consider family.

Friends are wonderful and I know people can be best friends without a lifelong relationship but I'm happy my parents got to experience that extra special friendship.  And I'm glad that both my brother and I are blessed to have our own best friends who have known us since our early teens.  Maybe we learned it from our parents.

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