Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How The Internet Works, Part II

My brother and I recently moved our blogs to Blogger. In the course of moving, my brother, updated his sidebar links to include The Humor Blog. Since my brother and I often laugh at the same things, I linked over to visit and thought the site looked interesting. Before I could explore too far, I found a link to the owner and went to look at his site. That's how the internet works; you travel from link to link and, after awhile, can't remember how you got where you are. It's a like a virtual maze.

This time I actually didn't travel too far and could probably find my way back to the Humor Blog link, but I stopped to tell you about one of the finds. The Humor owner had this post which made me laugh. Not every entry made me laugh, but many did and so I'll just share my first laugh and you can go find others if you're interested.

'When fog is really thick, people always compare it to pea soup. But when pea soup is really thin, nobody says, "Wow, it's like eating fog."'

Okay, maybe not laugh out loud funny, but amusing to me. Very Steven Wrightish.

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Andy said...

I think that was laugh out loud funny. In fact, the next time I am at a restaurant with friends, and one of us orders pea soup that comes out thin, I will compare it to fog and just revel in the group laughter.