Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Signs of a Recession

This family is facing hard times:

Stacy and Chuck Burris are considering canceling the annual family vacation to Maine. They have already cut their daughter's pants legs to save money on buying shorts.

The horror! Having to cancel a vacation? No! Having to "cut their daughter's pants legs!"

I'll have you know, young lady that [here it comes] WHEN I WAS YOUNG, in the sixties, we cut our pants legs ON PURPOSE. Because IT WAS COOL. Who in the world would spend money on nicely hemmed shorts when you could just chop the legs of off old jeans and be cool. A couple of pair of old jeans cut and frayed just right and I was all set for the summer.

The important part was cutting them just short enough to be cute and not have your mother tell you you couldn't wear them out of the house.

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