Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Nevada's Governor. Jim Gibbons, is 63,000 years old and he's text messaging his girlfriend 850 times in one month. According to our governor, she's just a friend. Meanwhile the state is looking at a BILLION dollar deficit and we're all sitting around watching the Governor and his wife battle in court over their divorce. I'm hoping some enterprising soul will start a recall. And then maybe we can get an actor to run our state instead of a player.

"Apparently, the job of running a state mired in an unprecedented budget deficit and stung by a subprime mortgage crisis is easier than it looks. Our public education system is cracking. Our social service system is a national laughingstock.

But, hey, at least the Love Gov. has time to hook up." [article link above]


Brian said...

Let's do the math here. Let's assume he is avoiding "business hours" for his shenanigans and that when he wakes up in the middle of the night 5 times to pee, that he does not text his girlfriend about it.

That leaves 316 hours or fewer a month.

Every 22 minutes of his free waking time he was sending a text message.

Further, when we assume that his advanced age requires he spend an average of 21 minutes and 45 seconds carefully hammering out "LOL, watup grl, gots ta go gvrn now kbye" and 15 seconds finding the send key....

We discover that our governor spends every waking spare moment texting.

Anonymous said...

Brian, that's hilarious. I would have posted this comment sooner, but it takes me an hour of work time to read those twisted word verification letters
Love, the Gov