Monday, June 9, 2008


A few days back I noticed a sidebar conversation over on bluishorange about the author David Sedaris. I've heard of Sedaris but never read him. I have no excuse except that when the book Me Talk Pretty One Day was released to rave reviews, I couldn't deal with reading it because the grammar annoyed me. I know, I know, and I'm sorry but I just couldn't pick the book up. I didn't consider myself a Sedarisphobe, he just never made it in my to-read list.

A few days after I saw the note in bluishorange, my brother add an Amazon widget with a few book recommendations. One was for When You Are Engulfed In Flames. I'm not going to speculate on why he chose the LARGE PRINT version. (Anyone else amused by the fact the the LARGE PRINT notation is always in caps?)

I thought it was interesting that the name David Sedaris should come to my attention twice in a short period of time. And, then, today I got in my car to go home and turned on the radio. It was on NPR, just like always. It just so happened I was going home later than usual and so I didn't get the news as I usually do. No, it was a Fresh Air interview with, you guessed it, David Sedaris. And, I kid you not, when I went to to find the link, there was an ad for the interview right on the front page. It faded away as the next random ad came up and if you jump to the site right now, I'm betting you won't see it.

As I listened to the interview, I drove straight to my library and looked for David Sedaris books. They didn't have any on the shelves. Which is weird because if the universe is really pushing me to read Sedaris, you would think the book would have been on display as I walked in the door.

I'll be reading Sedaris as soon as my library fills the request for me. I'll get back to you with my opinion.


JohnnyB said...

Clearly he Universe is pushing you to BUY Sedaris' book. ;-)

Jenny said...

I have never read any Sedaris and, what with his excessive popularity, I'm not sure I want to.

JohnnyB said...

If you haven't read it, how do you know if his popularity is excessive?