Saturday, June 7, 2008

It's My Brother's Fault

If you come to my house and see the dishes are dirty and the sheets aren't clean, you can blame my brother. I went over to his site today to read his latest post which pointed me to America's Best Dance Crew. I really liked Shane Sparks as a choreographer on So You Think You Can Dance and now he's a judge on ABDC.

So I spent my afternoon watching auditions for Season 2 ABDC. And then I watched Walk It Out where Shane Sparks taught dance lessons. How cool is that? It made me wish I was 20 years old cuz, man, I could dance! But now I look like a middle age woman copying the youngsters. Think yourself lucky since you'll never see me on the dance floor. Just call me Susan Mitty.

The afternoon slipped by and, though I got the dishes loaded, the dishwasher never got started and the sheets and dirty clothes never made it to the washer.

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JohnnyB said...

Always blaming me: just like the old days.