Saturday, August 16, 2008

Barry Funny

Back when I used to subscribe to a real newspaper so that I could get newsprint all over my fingers in the morning, I used to look forward to the Dave Barry columns. He has that observational humor I like that takes everyday events and makes them funny. Like my brother. And every January I couldn't wait to read Dave's recap of the previous year.

When I started reading my news on the Internet and gave up newspapers, I would occasionally look for Dave's columns online. And I'd try to track down the year in review. Eventually I just stopped reading his column. When he came out with a blog, I found I didn't have a great desire to read it regularly. Instead of funny articles by Dave, it seemed to just be links to items that amused Dave.

Along came the Olympics and my friend asked me if I was reading Dave's articles. That's when I discovered I there are regular Dave articles linked to from the sidebar of Dave's blog. And the Bejing ones are very funny. The only annoying part is that Dave has pictures of himself at various tourist sites. And he apparently lets his mom cut his hair with a bowl on his head. So while I'm laughing at what he writes, I'm also imploring him to join the 21st century and get a big boy haircut.

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