Sunday, August 3, 2008


When I was young and played with Barbie dolls, I would periodically organize all of Barbie's clothes. I'd hang dresses up in my Barbie closet, put socks and underwear in the Barbie drawers and line all the little Barbie high heels in a row in Barbie's Dream House

For a few weeks, I'd be very careful to put Barbie's things back whenever I played with her. Eventually I'd get lazy and just shove the clothes back in the Barbie case and the items would get all intermingled. A few weeks or months later, I'd get the bug to organize again and spend an hour making everything neat.

That pretty much describes me today. It doesn't matter if it is my clothes, my work papers or my email. I go through a clean up phase and then keep everything neat for a few days or even weeks. Eventually I get lazy and papers pile up, email clogs my inbox and shoes litter the closet floor.

This applies to my purse as well. I shove money in the wallet, drop coins in the bottom of my purse, and stuff receipts in any convenient pocket. I end up digging for my keys, my cellphone and my sun glasses.

Then I get tired of the mess and decide to organize. That's what I did yesterday. I bought myself a new tote and wallet. I dumped everything out of my old purse and organized it all in my new purse and wallet. Coins in the coin purse, credit cards in the card slots, make up in a make up bag. I sorted receipts and threw out all I didn't need. I put a pen in the handy pen holder.

Now I'm organized again - for a week or two at least.

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