Thursday, December 11, 2008

Follow The Money

Forbes Magazine published a list of billionaire bloggers. According to the blurb: found 13 billionaires out of the 1,125 on our list who are true bloggers. We didn't count occasional "guest bloggers," such as George Soros' onetime contribution to The Huffington Post but looked at those who blog regularly, for work or for pleasure

I'm listing a few from the slideshow. I'm not sure Forbes was thorough in their investigation. One choice wasn't a current link. The first entry on their list had only a single entry which was more than two months old. Other choices were more what I'd classify as websites, not personal blogs. These are the few selections that I consider real blogs:
Alleged insider trader Mark Cuban
Financier Carl Icahn
Hotel heir John Willard "Bill" Marriott
Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar
Oilman T. Boone Pickens

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Cali said...

I read Bill Marriot's biography about ten-ish years ago. (I think he was still alive at the time the book was published.) Interesting story.