Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Not Your Dad's Wagon

Seat belts, cup holders, digital tracking system and MP3 player. The radio flyer has come a long way.


Montana said...


Its a really interesting planning for the future:

....hoping to retire soon and spend more time traveling and searching out good wine.


I will do the same but....I will have to wait...


Jenny said...


JohnnyB said...

That is not a wagon, it's some sort of Jeep Sport stroller. It is made for an adult to pull around a couple of spoiled yuppie spawn. A real wagon is pulled or ridden in by the child owner/operator. You get at the top of a hill, hold the handle (which can actually angle back toward the user/rider), put one knee in the wagon and use the other leg to propel the wagon along the ground. Once you get going just ride to the bottom of the hill, turning sharpely into someone's lawn to stop/flip over/hurtle yourself to the ground. Trip to the emergency room is just a bonus.