Sunday, December 14, 2008

Treats For Me

Cheese: when I visited on Thanksgiving weekend, BFD introduced me to Saint Andre cheese which is all buttery goodness with a flavor reminiscent of brie. This weekend I found some at Whole Foods and treated myself to a chunk. Let it sit out until it is easy to spread and then serve it with bland crackers to make sure you get the flavor of the cheese.

Lush: This is one of my favorite stores for shower gels and moisturizers. I discovered the store when I was in Canada and have shopped at the San Francisco and Santa Monica locations. This week, my daughter called to tell me she had been at the San Francisco outlet and learned there is now a Las Vegas store. I went there this weekend and treated myself. With the promotional gifts, I brought home a great collection. But I'll be going back soon. I'm so excited Lush is here.

Salmon: While I was at Whole Foods finding yummy cheese, I picked up some Asian BBQ Salmon which is tender, flaky, and seasoned to perfection. At $20 a lb it is an indulgence. One of these day's I'll learn to make it for myself and save a fortune.

Chocolate: At Trader Joe's this weekend, I bought a tin of dark chocolate wedges. 70% Belgium cacao with ancho and chipotle chiles plus some Korintji cinnamon. Nice heat with bitter chocolate. Delicious.

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Anonymous said...

It's good to know you're not depriving yourself! And you're working on saving the economy, too. :-)