Thursday, April 16, 2009

Did You Guys Know About This?

And, if so, why didn't you tell me? P.F. Chang's had a 15% off on tax day promotion. I got to take advantage by accident because a couple of co-workers and I stopped there after work. And we got the discount on our wine orders too. Speaking of wine, have I mentioned P.F. Changs has a great wine flight deal? 3 2.5oz glasses of your choice of any wine on their list. Yesterday I had a pinot noir, a zin and and a cab. Once three of us each had our own flights and then split one flight between us because we wanted a little bit more wine but not a whole glass more. It's perfect. Add some P.F. Chang's appetizers and it's a mini wine tasting. Apparently, other companies got in on the fun and had their own deals. So mark your calendars for next April 15.


Jenny said...

Had no idea! But, I do know next Tuesday is free cone day at Ben & Jerry's.

Kate said...

I have it marked in my calendar!