Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Freezer Bowl

No, not a football playoff in Alaska, just my evening meal from the freezer. Tonight I made a casserole from meatballs, peas, and brown rice. I tossed it all in spaghetti sauce and added some red wine and red pepper flakes. It was quite yummy. If I do it again, I'll make sure to saute some red onions to add to the mix. I made a small, green salad to start my meal with and I accompanied it all with a glass of Barbera - the same wine I put in the sauce.

All of the ingredients, except the wine, came from Trader Joe's. The sauce was the Arrabiata sauce which is spicy on its own but the red pepper flakes pumped up the heat. The meatballs were the TJ Meatless Meatballs which I absolutely love. Peas were frozen petite peas and the rice was the frozen brown rice; both are great things to have in the fridge for quickie meals.


JohnnyB said...

Sounds good! But, ust so you know, the Freezer Bowl was played in Cincinnati: http://bengals.enquirer.com/1997/memorable.html

Jenny said...

Sounds good!