Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What's Going On

This two week lull may be the longest time I've gone without posting. I blame facebook because it allows me to keep in touch without having to come up with a post. Also, during the past two weeks I've been to Santa Barbara to see Deb and she's come to see me here in Las Vegas. We've tasted some great wine, eaten some great food and spent quality time together. We also got to spend time with my aunt who drove down from San Francisco to go wine tasting with us. It's been a fun two weeks.

Now I'm back to normal, waiting for my next visit from Deb in mid October. She's coming to be in a wedding so I won't get to see much of her but just having her in town is always great.

So, I'm back and will try to post more often.

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Jenny said...

I have been realizing in the last two weeks or so that I really miss blogging. You may see me back soon!