Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Name For My Cup

Up until recently, I've had two basic Starbucks orders.  In the summer (starting late May in LV) I order a Quad Expresso in a Venti cup with extra ice.  NO WATER!  Then I add about an inch of 2% milk and sprinkle 1 pack of raw sugar over the top.  I like the crunchy sugar bites.  In mid September, or so, I switch back to my basic Grande Americano with room.  I add a little 2% milk.  No sugar. 

Recently, my Americano has been unfullfiling; it tastes weak to me.  So a few weeks ago, I asked if I could just get a Quad Espresso in a Grande cup with about 1 1/2 inch of hot water.  Perfect!  I know I could ask for a Venti Americano with an extra shot and room but then they add too much water.  And I think it costs more than my custom drink.

My Quad Espresso, with tax, is $2.78.  Yes, I know I could make it at home for a fraction of  the cost.  That is, after I buy a $900 espresso machine.  I figure I'll let Starbucks do the work.   At twice a week, it would take me almost 3 years to pay off the machine.  Besides, I'd have to do the work.  And the cleanup.

The point is, I know the price of my drink.  When they ring it up and tell me it is $3.55, I tell them "No, it is $2.78."  So, this morning, when my barista told me I owed $2.11.  I told him, "No, it is $2.78."  He looked at me funny and then punched a couple keys on the cash register and came up with $2.11.  I told him he was under charging me.  At that point, my coffee buddy, Brian, elbowed me and told me to shut up.  I said, "No, they are under charging me and that is wrong.  It's karma."   The barista looked to his manager who came over and punched a few keys.  Again, the register said $2.11 and she looked at me and indicated that's what I should pay.  I agreed.  Brian was happy because he was copying my order and he paid $2.11 also.

We went over to  the pick up spot.  A little bit later, another barista called out a quad espresso.  I went to pick it up and she looked at me and said, "No Susan, this is not yours."  She knows me.  We waited a bit and then Brian's order came.  I told her the other one  must be mine and she looked at the cup again and read off, "Quad Espresso with 1 1/2 inch water?"  I said, "yes".  And she turned the cup around and told me it didn't have my name on it.  I took the cup anyway.

And, from now on, when anyone at Starbucks asks if I have a name for my cup, I am going to tell them it is "KARMA."

P.S. It was Brian who figured out that the casher thought I was saying that my name is KARMA.


Karma said...

Woah, ahah.
My names Karma! And someone took my drink when I was at Starbucks..

Sue said...

Well if your karma is working you'll get a free coffee this year.