Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pumpkin! Custard!

I made Pumpkin with Custard last night.  It was pretty easy to make though finding the right pot with tray for the pumpkin was a challenge for my kitchen. The end result does look remarkably like the photo.  The custard is out of the world delicious with the cardamon, orange and nutmeg.  The pumpkin goes well with the custard... BUT.. I kept wanting to mush the pumpkin up and add some maple or brown sugar.  So though it is beautiful to look at, to be more practical I think next time I'd do a layered dish with some pumpkin mashed with butter, maple syrup, etc., on the bottom and then the custard on top. Cover and bake.   And, if I'm not in a pumpkin mood, I'd make the custard just by itself and probably eat the entire batch in one sitting.  Yum!!


Jenny said...

That looks really impressive!

Susan said...

I was kind of impressed myself! But really it was pretty easy and worked just the way the recipe said. I did end up scooping the custard out to a separate bowl. Then I mashed the pumpkin, adding a little butter, salt and maple syrup. I heated the pumpkin and served it with the cool custard on top. That was delicious!