Monday, October 24, 2011

One Pot Mac & Cheese - UPDATED

I made one pot mac & cheese tonight and will certainly make it again.  It was pretty simple as long as you're willing to stand in the kitchen and stir a lot; kind of like with risotto.  You put the macaroni and milk in the pan and cook on low while the macaroni absorbs the milk.  This means no making a bechamel and no need for cream and butter (though I did add a small bit of butter).  The starch from the pasta along with the evaporation from the milk creates the thickness.  I didn't have elbow mac and used some small penne from TJs.  Perhaps that pasta is bigger but I found I needed about twice as much milk as called for.  That is fine since, like risotto, you can just keep adding liquid as you go.  I also put in a little more cheese - maybe 1/3 cup or so.  Next time I'll probably have it be a bit more liquid when I cover and let set so it isn't too thick.  When my pasta was done, I tossed in some broccoli and tuna and had myself a nice one pot meal.  Delicious!

Update:  Not so good as a leftover.  It gets a little to mushy.

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Jenny said...

Interesting! If I were more of a Mac & Cheese fan, I'd try it!