Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gazpacho Recipe

I know I've raved before about Trader Joe's gazpacho and my  opinion stands; it is delicious and I rely on it for  a quick, satisfying taste treat. Though TJ's container of soup is a bargain, I was spending a lot of money on it.  Eventually I discovered that for about the same price, I can make about 6 times as much soup.

I based my recipe of of Ina's Gazpacho.  I used one yellow and one red pepper, five small pearl tomatoes, one red onion, and one cucumber.  Ina recommends you rough chop the veggies and then use a food processor but I just chopped everything fine.   I used the garlic press on the 3 cloves of garlic.  Instead of tomato juice, I used a 6oz can of tomato paste and thinned it with water.  Next time I think I'll use broth to thin it.  I added about 4 cups of water but you should do it to taste.   I added the 1/4 C olive oil and almost 1/4 C vinegar.  Be careful with the vinegar!  Then I added the juice of one orange and a bit of orange zest - I got that from reading the ingredients on the TJ's version. Of course, I added red pepper flakes. I'm thinking a jalapeño next time.  Then salt and pepper to taste.

I ate some of mine right away but it gets even better with time.


Anonymous said...

hello!! thank you so much for posting this recipe! can you tell how how water did you add to thin the tomato pastE?

Susan said...

I used about half the amount of water as tomato paste. It was thicker than tomato juice.