Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bittersweet Victory

I'm still elated that Barack Obama is our President Elect but at the same time, as my daughter pointed out, it is bittersweet that in a country that overcame bigotry and hateful campaigning to elect our first African American president, several states continue to discriminate against their citizens by banning gay marriage. Californians voted to allow minors to get abortions without parental consent. They voted to make sure the animals we raise for meals are afforded enough room in their cages to turn around. And then they voted to make sure two people of the same sex not be allowed to proclaim their love and live together in marriage. That is just so sad. The campaign spread fear and lies, telling people schools would teach all children about same sex marriage and churches would be forced to marry same sex couples. Never mind that any parent can refuse to allow their own child to participate in sex education classes and churches all over this country currently refuse to marry couples as they please.

The final insult is the claim that same sex marriage will some how destroy the sanctity of heterosexual marriages. Here's a news flash: the only person responsible for the sanctity of your marriage is YOU. Have you looked at heterosexual marriage statistics lately? Over 50% end in divorce and that happened long before same sex couples started getting married. There are heterosexuals who cheat on their spouses. Is that hurting the sanctity of your marriage? I didn't think so.

I find it so hard to believe that many people are still afraid of people different than themselves.


Susan said...

I see that the court cases are starting and good for that. But, as John, pointed out think if all that money was spent helping people rather than trying to stop people who just want to be happy together.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I was very unhappy when I heard that prop 8 had passed. I like your take on it, Sue. I've never understood why personal lives are anyone else's business.


Jenny said...

First of all, it's not obvious to me why the standard in our culture is marriage for life.

Secondly, I am really disappointed that Prop 8 won. I am also disappointed that it won due to presenting absurdly stretched truths.

Thirdly, Gavin's dad thinks that if we want to preserve the "sanctity of marriage," we should heavily tax divorce, not prevent who should get married.

Dad said...

Everyone has a right to enter into a marriage. Marriage means a heterosexual union. Everyone also has a right to enter into a domestic partnership, but they do not have a right to call it something that it is not.