Sunday, November 30, 2008


On my way home from Thanksgiving in Santa Barbara with Deb, I stopped at BFD's house. I had a second Thanksgiving with her family and then everyone left and it was was like old times with just the two of us and leftover food. When we were growing up in the same city, we started the tradition of spending the day after Thanksgiving together. We'd alternate houses and spend the Friday talking, reading, laughing and noshing on leftover turkey and stuffing. So spending the evening with her was just like old times. And now we have wine.

She has Showtime and so we watched an episode of Dexter. BFD filled me in on the plot. It is a strange show about a serial killer who works for the police department as a forensic expert. He only kills really, really bad people who have escaped justice. I just can't decide if I like him or not. I do like the actor who plays Dexter. Michael C. Hall was also in Six Feet Under. Interestingly enough, in both shows the dead father speaks to his son from beyond. The full episodes of Dexter are available online so I may watch a few more before I decide if I'll be a fan.

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Debra said...

You should start watching from the beginning and the whole thing will make more sense. I love Dexter and watch regularly online. xoxo