Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Day

We had Veteran's Day off from work and so I spent my day doing a variety of activities. First I went to play penny slots and won a few dollars. My new favorite game is Star Trek. The game designers are getting pretty fancy. The players have a login and so the game keeps a history. I've accumulated 129 medals which allows me to play different levels of games. It's intriguing. After my penny adventures, I used my points to have the breakfast buffet. I had some eggs, bacon and biscuits. I sat for awhile drinking my coffee and reading a new mystery book.

After breakfast I headed to Kohl's. I don't usually shop at Kohl's but I had a 30% discount coupon and they were having a sale. I wanted to get a supply of socks since it is getting cold and I'll have to start wearing closed toed shoes soon. I got nice assortment of socks and then headed to William Sonoma to use my birthday gift certificate. I found a potato ricer which I've wanted for a long time. This Thanksgiving the mashed potatoes will be extra special.

This afternoon, I went to the library to stock up on books on tape. I've decided I'm done listening to the radio while driving since the news is almost always depressing.

This evening I used another coupon to get $10 off my dinner at the Oyster Bar. I had a great Caesar salad and some shrimp scampi. I brought a lot of the scampi home and I'll have a nice dinner tomorrow. I came home and walked a mile and a half on the treadmill. While I walked, I listen to some chapters of Falling Angels, the Tracy Chevalier book I'm currently 'reading'. I rested up and then loaded the dishwasher, fed the cat and then sat down to write this post. Now you're all caught up.

Tomorrow I head to Reno for the day to attend a retirement party. I wish it were mine.


Jenny said...

Sounds like a fantastic day!

Anonymous said...

Hurray for the potato ricer!