Monday, November 3, 2008


Tomorrow is the big day and I will be so happy when it is over. I know I'll be glued to election results but I have done a pretty good job of avoiding advertisements, phone calls, radio and TV news about the election and about our lousy economy. I've posted only a few pro Obama entries and I've joined a support group where we all agree on who we will vote for. That has eliminated a lot of stress.

Books on tape have helped a lot. NPR couldn't stop talking about the election or the economy and I had to discontinue listening to them on the way to and from work. Instead I listened to several books, my favorite being Burning Bright by Tracy Chevalier who also wrote Girl With a Pearl Earring. I enjoyed GWAPE (the book and the movie) but I think I liked BB better. It is set in the late 1700s and is about a Dorset family that moves to London in an attempt to put a family tragedy behind them. William Blake is a neighbor who moves in and out of their lives as they try to adapt to life in the city. Chevalier does an excellent job at historical fiction and I was captivated.

Of course you would already know this if you were my friend on Goodreads. You'd also be able to discover that I'm currently reading Falling Angels also by Tracy Chevalier. This story is about families in London in the early 1900s and takes place just after the death of Queen Victoria.

Another diversion has been exploring some new TV shows. One that may become a favorite is The Big Bang Theory. Though the characters seem a bit immature to me for being college professors and I worry the premise of nerds living next to an attractive, bright young woman might end up as a one trick pony, so far it's been amusing. Another show I'm watching is Samantha Who about a woman who suffers amnesia as a result of being hit by a car. The premise is she was a mean and hateful person in her past but now is the new improved Samantha. Again, the concept might get old quickly but I have to say I just love Christina Applegate in this role so I'll be watching.

So you see, I've kept myself distracted from the election as much as I can. But I don't know if I can sleep well until we have a new president. And though I promise not to leave the country if Obama loses, if he does lose I'll be so sad to be living in a country where more than 1/2 the people think Sarah Palin is qualified to be the Vice President. So please, country, don't let me down. Because you know Barack Obama is never gonna let you down.


Anonymous said...

Here's to toasting a victory for our country's future tonight!

Susan said...

I'll drink to that!

Anonymous said...

Loved the video. Can't drink, but I'll have a slice of cherry pie to that tonight! For the Washington cherry trees, you know. :-)