Friday, July 31, 2009

What Cats Want

Cats boss us around.
I believe it: "cats deliberately and cunningly domesticated themselves and so they could persuade people to give them free food and shelter"

My Zodiac used to do the same:
"And Cecile Moore put up with acts of extortion from her cat Henry who regularly sat on the top of the bureau of her Athens, Ga., home and scooted a bottle of perfume toward the edge until she got out of bed."

Diva tells me when it is dinner time but she's more mellow in the morning than Zodiac was. She definitely lets me know when she wants to be petted by sticking her head under my hand. She often comes over by my feet and then humps her back up so I'll scratch her.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I find that Romp will bang his head into my leg or arm or hand or whatever when he expects the sides of his face to be scratched. He's so funny. He has very itchy cheeks!