Thursday, October 29, 2009

Scary Halloween Post

It's only scary because I can't think of anything pertinent to say. And don't tell me most of what I post isn't that pertinent! :-)

I wish I could post in my sleep. When I am half asleep I can always think of something I want to say on my blog. Then in the morning, I've either forgotten it or I wonder why I thought "that" would be interesting.

My blog list (over there on the left) is thinning out a little too. People just aren't posting as much. I guess facebook and twitter are the in thing now. Writing a post takes more thought and time.

My brother has kept up with posting pretty well. Probably because his blog has a point of view - funny.

This will just have to do until I think of something to post again.

Have a Happy Halloween!

P.S. I grabbed that picture from Deb's fb page because I bought her those Mr. Potato Head accessories for her pumpkin. Isn't that the cutest idea? I should have bought one for myself.

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Anonymous said...

That's so adorable!