Monday, October 12, 2009

A Wynning Day

Yesterday was a good day. I started it out getting my car washed. It had been weeks and weeks since my car had a good cleaning. I'd run it through the wash at the gas station but that didn't help the inside of the car. Now it is all shiny inside and out.

Then I went off to the Wynn to use my weekly $10 stipend. They put $10 on my player card every week but I only access it about once a month. I'm lazy and don't usually drive from my house to the strip in order to take advantage of the $10. Yesterday I did because I also had a free buffet award on my player card. I enjoyed the $32 brunch buffet for free. The Wynn brunch is very nice and the food is good though I'm not sure it is $32 good. It is an excellent meal for free. I like this buffet because the servings are small and I can try lots of different things. After breakfast, I gambled my $10 and won $20 so I was happy about that too.

On the way home, I stopped at Target for a few items where, on the way out, the cashier told me I could take a short survey and get a $10 Target gift certificate. The survey was indeed short and I left with my $10 card. You can't go wrong with a gift card to Target.

All in all, it was a great Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

Free brunch, free gambling, free money and free Target. Now that's my kind of day!