Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Sweet Deal

In August, when my niece was visiting me, we went to the newest mall in town to shop. While we were there, we visited the Godiva shop where we joined the Godiva Rewards program. As a member, you can get 1 free piece of chocolate every month. Hey, it's free so of course we joined. We also bought some candy - see how marketing works? When we were checking out, the cashier told me I was .83 away from a $10.00 purchase. This was important, because a $10 purchase would qualify me for a free 2 piece box on my next visit. So I bought more. Of course.

I don't go to the mall often but a couple of weeks back, I went to the Borders and decided to visit Godiva for my free chocolate. I got my monthly free piece but then the cashier told me that my 'profile' didn't indicate that I was due for the free 2 piece box. I explained how I had purposely spent another couple of dollars to meet the $10 requirement but she was firm. I was mad! I went home and found my receipt for the $13.86 I had spent and I emailed Godiva with my sale tale. I had the transaction number, date, amount, and store number. I was polite and explained how very disappointed I was that I didn't get my reward. A very nice person wrote back and explained that I was only eligible for the free 2 piece box the month following my $10 purchase. I made my purchase in August and didn't claim my prize in September. But, she explained, she could lodge a complaint and see if they would give me the free candy. I wrote back and thanked her and said that, no, I hadn't paid attention and would be sure to follow up correctly next time so was withdrawing my complaint. I thanked her for her prompt response.

Today I came home and found a box on my porch. Opening it I discovered a Styrofoam container that held a couple of ice packs and a box with 16 pieces of Godiva chocolate. Included was a note from Godiva thanking me for my comments.

People! I tell you it pays to complain and it pays even more to be polite about it. Anybody want some chocolate?


Jenny said...

Wow, that was classy of the store!

JohnnyB said...

I wish I was there to share - you have my favorite chocolate: free chocolate!

Rita said...

Chcolate - my favorite food. Good for Godiva!

Kathy said...

Anyone want some chocolate??? What a silly question! :-) I'll be down the first week in Nov. to collect mine! Got the Allegiant plane ticket yesterday. See you soon!