Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Random Things

I posted 100 Things About Me when I first started blogging. Yesterday I was tagged to do 25 Random Things About Me for my Facebook account. I didn't check out my other list before making the new one.

If you can not get to the list it is because you are not on Facebook or you are not my friend on Facebook. If you get a Facebook account, I will be your friend. Or if you are on Facebook but are not my friend, just ask and you can be my friend. Aren't I the friendly one?

I did not think I would use Facebook much. I joined so I could play online Scrabble with my daughter. Now I have 36 friends. That isn't really a lot but I'm very selective. Well that is I was selective until I put out a casting call for new friends. I love reading my friends' status reports and I'm happy to have gotten in touch with some friends from the past. I also like saving the world from global warming with the green garden and blue cove. And I like racing my environmentally friendly car in order to get carbon credits. Very silly, but fun.

So come read random items about me.

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Jenny said...

"I was selective until I put out a casting call for new friends."