Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sometimes I Wonder - UPDATED

About people.

Case 1. Carl's decided to have promotion with a contest at a Laker's game. 200 plus lucky winners were texted a passcode and URL to claim a coupon for a free Carl's burger. The code was good for 48 hours. Think about it. What do you think those people did? Of course, they got the the coupon and then they shared the passcode and URL. Carl's was taken by surprise and then stopped accepting the coupons because they were overwhelmed. Duh!

Case 2. When I was watching the news this morning, they read letters from viewers. One viewer ranted about how irresponsible it is for the government to pay for the inauguration in these bad economic times. Dear Ranter, do you not understand that people will spend lots of money flying to D.C., staying in hotels, eating at restaurants? Thousands of people will be employed in security and service jobs. Do you think everyone should stay home and not spend money? Duh!

Case 3. I wonder about myself because once again I'm watching American Idol. But mostly I wonder about about people who can NOT sing and yet think they can. There was one guy who looked so confused when they said he did not make it. Randy said, "you just don't hear what we hear." If I were going to go on the stage in front of millions, not only would I tape myself and listen to it but I'd find a group of people to sing to and have them tell me what they think. These people on AI are either tone deaf, or delusional or they want the 15 minutes of fame. Duh!

Case 4.


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