Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Love At Last Bite

Whenever I have a meal, I like to save my favorite food for the last bite. This doesn't apply when I mix all the food together for an impromptu casserole. Tonight when I had broccoli, salmon and potatoes and didn't mix them together, I had to decide which item would be the last bite. I chose the potatoes. Mashed. Yum. The other day on the way to work, I picked up a breakfast protein pack at Starbucks. It had some grapes, apple slices, cheese, a hard boiled egg and a mini bagel and peanut butter. That made for a hard choice. It came down to choosing between the grapes and the bagel w/ peanut butter. I finally decided on the bagel.

When I was about 5, I had a disastrous experience which may have contributed to my need to save the best for last. We were having lunch at our daycare center and they served some horrible green mush. I think it may have been creamed spinach which I love now but was appalled by as a 5 year old. None of the kids liked it and they were avoiding it. I was a rule follower and knew I had to eat it so I made a point of eating it all first so I could move past it and enjoy the rest of my lunch. As I finished the last bite, the lunch lady said, "See, Susan likes it, and she's eaten her's all up so I'm going to let her have some more." As she spoke, she dumped another huge helping on my plate. I still remember how devastated I felt. I don't remember finishing the lunch but I'm pretty sure I ate the extra glop but saved it for last to avoid getting more. And now I do my best to make my last bite the most tasty bite of the meal.


Jenny said...

I do the same thing, but I've noticed that I inevitably eat the stuff I don't necessarily like or care for before I eat the good stuff. That got me wondering if it wouldn't be smarter to just eat/fill up on the stuff I like the most so that I am more full by the time I get to the stuff I like the least. Thoughts?

Susan said...

Only if then I could pass on the stuff I don't like.

dad said...

Early in our relationship, Marge reached over and speared the last morsel I was saving, and said,"If you're not going to eat that, then I will." The look on my face convinced her not to do that again.