Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Apparently, Obama has upset some of the grammar nannies in the country. Here it is pointed out, Obama uses "I" when he should use "me" and here, Safire takes on Obama's misuse of several words. In this article, Safire implies perhaps it isn't a good idea to use big words when speaking to the American people anyway, since it just confuses us. :-)


JohnnyB said...

As for Safire's comments, if "fulsome" means "Excessive, loathsome and rank with lust", then I think "fulsome accounting" is exactly what Obama wants us to understand has been going on. Likewise, if "enormity" describes "something that is improper, outrageous or immoral" then "the enormity of the American accomplishment" is correctly applied to the accomplihment of deregulation, of Wall Street and the banks.
Safire seems to be just relaying other people's criticism, but i agree with you that Obama, perhaps, ought to eschew obfuscation.

verification word "ingsto" where to stow gerunds.

Susan said...

Love the verification definition! :)