Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You're Probably Old If

You're probably old if you prefer this:

To this:

And so yes, I admit it, I'm old. Surprisingly, I also preferred Adam Lambert's singing this week. Then again, The Tracks Of My Tears is just a great song.


JohnnyB said...

My comment about Adam, illustrated beautifully by these to pictures, is: If Wayne Newton and K D Lang had a son....

verification word: "deesc"
The shape of a Freesbee

JohnnyB said...

"two" pictures

verification word: "mygojos"
How Ricky introduced Lucy when he finally let her in the show: "mygojos tonight, ees my lovely wife, Loo-see"

Cali said...

The first one, definately.

Anonymous said...

It was so shocking when he came out like that! But yes, I am old.


Jenny said...

I prefer the first one (sans earrings), but actually I might like a mix of the two.