Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Moving On Up

PurpAnd had a recent entry about his favorite home and then John followed suit with more emphasis on the number of moves he'd made. I had been contemplating Andy's question about my favorite home but had only gotten as far as listing my moves until I saw John's post and decided I must copy him. Because he spent most of his life copying me (a whole other post), I figure payback time is good.

I started counting my moves and then realized I'm not sure where my first home was. I *think* it was on Reading Avenue in Los Angeles. And I *think* that is pronounced 'red-ding' but I'm not sure about either. I've sent a query to my father since he is probably the only living person who will know the answer, at least about whether that was my first home; I'm sure there are others living who could respond to the pronunciation question.

If the house on Reading was my first home, I've lived in 16 homes, counting my college dorm and sorority as one college experience; really most of my 'stuff' was at my mom's during that time. My shortest stint was probably about 6 months and my longest has been at my current home where I've lived for 23 years now. This house is probably my favorite house since it is where Deb was raised - and because I've been in it so long. My favorite childhood home would be the one in Westchester where I lived between the ages of 5 and 10. I have very fond memories of playing with my brother and neighborhood kids. I also enjoyed school at Cowen Avenue.

When I was 10 we moved from that house and had a series of moves until we settled into the Fairview house when I was between 7th and 8th grade. I liked that house, too, because of the memories with my family and friends. I lived there until I left for college.

I don't like moving and I'm glad I've lived in the same house for so long now, though I really have accumulated a lot of 'stuff' and I'm hoping to pare it down considerably before I ever move again.

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Susan said...

Dad reports in that the Reading home was my first abode.

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